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May 2022
Jane Elson
Robert Hamberger In John Clare's Boots
June 2022
Hosepipe Band and Blake Morrison March 2022 3x2
William Sieghart Poetry Pharmacies 3x2
Burnham 1 (c) Donata Rio
Chelmsford Festival 2022 postcard
Peter Aylmer Harlow Sculpture
Jason Cowley Who Are We Now 3x2
A Living Almanac
Platinum Tales
Julia Jones Uncommon Courage 3x2
Photo of Samuel Fisher and Wivenhoe book cover
Alex Hyde Violets 3x2
Photo of Anna Whitehouse and Underbelly book cover
Photo of Nick Higham and The Mercenary River book cover
T100 Drone - Credit Mark Surry - Unique Imaging 3x2
essex-authors-day-2022-image 3x2
JA Corrigan and The Bad Sister
Jane Elson
Fiona Cummins and Holly Seddon
Sade Fadipe A Fun ABC 3x2
Popup storytelling armchair
Syd Moore
JA Corrigan and Sarah Linley
Holly Seddon and Honest Authors podcast 3x2
Emily Kenny Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks
organizers_bookshelf human library
Catherine Emmett King of the Swamp
Dreda Say Mitchell Say Her Name book cover
Maggi Hambling and James Cahill 3x2 uncropped
Gary Jones
Rosie Wilby, Njambi McGrath and Syd Moore The Breakup Monologues
In Her Shoes Main image
Josie Dom and Lum covers
Sade Fadipe A Fun ABC 3x2
Sufiya Ahmed Princess Sophia Duleep
Robin Brooks
Nick Wickenden Hylands House
George the Bookworm 2
Lulah Ellender Grounding
Sarah Pye Pongo Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan
Syd Moore
Justin Webb The Gift of a Radio
Lulah Ellender Pleasure Garden
Kate Teltscher Palace of Palms
Patrick Gale Mother's Boy
Elodie Harper The House with the Golden Door
Angie Bailey Believe
Annemarie Bilclough Beatrix Potter
Nick Jubber The Fairy Tellers 3x2
What! A Load of Rubbish 3x2
Imaginary Landscapes credit The News Portsmouth:Keith Woodland
Emma Beswetherick The Honeybee Treasure Hunt 3x2
Lora Aziz photo
Ruth Loten The Reign of the Winter King
Jules Pretty Sea Sagas of the North
Julia Abel Smith Forbidden Wife
Tracy+Borman Crown + Sceptre
Jules Pretty Harwich Redoubt
Andrew Lownie Traitor King
Alex Preston_c_Eva K Salvi Winchelsea
Carole Angier by Claire McNamee Speak, Silence 3x2
Mark Billingham credit Steve Best
Andrew Miller (c) Abbie Trayler-Smith The Slowworms Song
Victoria Shepherd A History of Delusions UPDATED
John Crace A Farewell to Calm
July 2022
A Living Almanac
In Her Shoes Main image
Elsa James Syd Moore Othering
Patrice Lawrence
In Her Shoes Main image
Wendy Constance chelmsford flood 3x2